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17 October 2010 @ 09:52 am
OMG she: Greets people?!  
 I know! What a shocker 55555+
Well I wanted to say "Hi" and explain myself a little :) 
Before I star speaking of myself, I want to explain my ways of talking (it kind of blends cultures)

When I laugh I will type one or... all of these: 
55555+ (in Thai 5 is 'Ha" so repeating five is saying Hahahahaha)
xD (Tilt your head sideways, he's laughing)
xP (Same as the latter)
哈哈 (Literally says "Ha-ha" in Chinese)

If I'm depressed I probably will put:
:( (Tilt again, he's frowning)
:/ (Again)
or I won't put anything at all.

If you upstaged me or prove me wrong:
OTL (It's a man on his knees)
Whatever (Yep, my ultimate admission to defeat)
>_> (If you can't tell.... sorry?)

^______^ (The longer the mouth is, the happier I am)

Anyway! Moving on! :)

Important: I HAVE NO IDEA WHO THAT GUY IS ON MY HEADER! All I know is that he hangs out with An-ming, I loved the pic so much I didn't read the caption.

Well I will introduce myself:
I am Yao (no that is not my real name) but I'd rather you called me that. Basically the point of this community is for you to ask ANYTHING about asian pop culture, any advice and literally anything.
The process to go through is to:
  • PM me here
  • PM me on tumblr (I'm junyoungftw)
  • Email me at: YaoLinBao95@yahoo.com

Yes, you can request anonymously. If you do not request to be anon, I will assume you want it public and reveal your name.
Please, no personal shots, nothing to vague and nothing sultry.
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