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17 October 2010 @ 10:10 am
OMG she: Knows her men?  
 Hey, Yao!
I wanted to know if ซี is really a girl. Is she/he?

Yes. Zee is a girl. I know my men from women and even I was baffled when I saw her for the first time (I totally crushed on her) when Zee talks she says "Kha" instead of  "Khrap", signalling that she is indeed female, not only that but in interviews her voice lightens and you can hear a feminity in her voice. Not only that, but she doesn't have an adam's apple (oh... now I get why they call it that) plus her and Kaew (of FFK) did something about being a tomboy (I zoned out) plus her profile says "Female". There's a rumor that she sang the background in เคยรักฉันจริงๆ หรือเปล่า

For those who don't know Zee, she is this sexy beast :)
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